Friday, February 21, 2020

Mystery Revealed

Well, it's been a few weeks since the release of the final "clue" for the A Few of my Favorite Things mystery knit along, so I think it's pretty safe for me to post finished photos.

Yarn choices from left to right: Gaea Creations Tori Sock in Apple Pickin', Beauregard Blue, and Embers; Malabrigo Rios in Arco Iris, English Rose, and Apple Green; Black Trillium Fibre Studio Lilt Sock in Super Happy Fun paired with Sweet Tea Yarns Sweet Sock in Dad's Worn Denim and Dreamsicle.

Gaea Creations Tori Sock:

 Malabrigo Rios:

Black Trillium and Sweet Tea Yarns:

I've also knit two using leftovers--one in various fingering weight yarns and one in Cascade 220. Yes, that means I've knit this pattern FIVE times. The combination of short rows and mosaic really is that fun.

Clue #1 is a smallish triangle of modified garter stitch.

Clue #2 is the first mosaic section.

Clue #3 is the big short-row section. This bit is so fun that I'm always sad when it's over.
Clue #4 is more mosaic, but slightly different than the first.
And finally, Clue #5 is the fun short-row edging.

Wondering about good color combinations? Here are some fun Gaea Creations combos.

Option #1: This is the combo I used. Tori Sock in Apple Pickin', Beauregard Blue, and Embers.

Option #2: Lilac-Breasted Roller, Beauregard Blue, and Nebula.
Option #3: Dance Party, Beauregard Blue, and Nebula.
Option #4: Jupiter, Beauregard Blue, and Nebula.

Okay, so this definitely reveals that there's a big gap in my color collection: I need more solids and semi-solids. 😁 But even with the limited range, these could make some gorgeous shawls! And if you have some other color ideas, I'd love to work with you to create your very own color combo!

In other news: Keep an eye out this weekend or early next week for a shop update! Here's a tiny look at what's coming: