Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yarn Whisperer

Yarn tells us what it wants to be.

Stop laughing. I'm serious. If you take the time to listen to it, yarn will tell you what it wants to be. Sometimes. More frequently, yarn tells you what it doesn't want to be. That's how it began with my K1C2 Kettle Tweed and the Meridien cardigan.

Make no mistake! Meridien will be mine eventually, but that's just not what this yarn wanted to be. There is too much contrast between the colors in the yarn, and the cable and ridges were lost in the color. The yarn was fighting with the stitch pattern to be the star. I never thought a yarn with the word "Tweed" in it would be such a diva, but there you go. I've named her KT.

KT wants to be a lacy pullover.

I tried telling her no. I don't wear pullovers very often. I prefer cardigans, which I can take off and put back on as needed. I looked at fingering-weight cardigan patterns on Ravelry to see what caught my eye, but she was insistent.

KT wants to be a swingy lacy pullover with raglan shaping and a boat neck.

A pattern does not exist for what KT is demanding. At least, I couldn't find one. So last night, I sat down with my stitch dictionaries, a copy of "Knitting from the Top" and some paper and a pencil.

Yes, I did a little swatching too. So far, she seems pretty pleased with the direction we're headed.

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