Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ravellenics Sweater: Day 11 and Phoney Seams

Yesterday was wonderful. Due to being able to knit at work for a while AND our evening plans being cancelled due to snow/ice, I had tons of knitting time yesterday. The main body of the sweater is DONE!
First thing this morning, I picked up a gazillion stitches up the right front, around the back of the neck, and down the left front. Now I get to knit 7.5" of 1x1 ribbing all the way around. I have about 288g of yarn left, which should work out really well with a minimum of yarn left over.

Let's talk for a minute about Phoney Seams. These were an "unvention" of Elizabeth Zimmermann (unvention instead of invention because she didn't believe there was anything in knitting that hadn't already been done by someone, even if it hadn't been recorded). Phoney Seams were the result of people complaining that seamless sweaters didn't hang right because they were missing the seams, which gave a certain amount of structure and support to the garment. I like Phoney Seams for that reason, but also because they give a definite fold point to the side "seams" when blocking. To see exactly how to do a Phoney Seam, follow the link above. I just wanted to show you a couple of pics of how mine turned out.

First, dropping that one stitch down always makes me cringe a little. It's not like I'm worried I can't fix it or that I'm stressing about it not being right. I'm not sure why, but cringe I do. Look at that wide gap where just one column of stitches used to be.
But, then, after spending a few minutes picking the stitches up with the right ration (1 bar, 2 bars, 1 bar, 2 bars, and so on), it looks like this:
See that nice line of Vs that stand out from the rest? Lovely and perfect.

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